Funding and implementation specialist

Have you got a project, analysis, a change coming or just need to get the job done?

For me, working in the government sector isn’t just about dollar signs and soulless forms and processes. It’s about leaving the world in better condition than you found it. It’s about positive change. And ultimately, it’s about people.

As a funding and implementation specialist and founder of True Compass, my job is to ensure that funding gets delivered to the right projects at the right time, so that communities can flourish and thrive. It’s also about helping teams with a changing work environment adapt and pivot and deliver the best way they can.

My work has been featured in state and government publications in the grants management sector. I have delivered presentations at national conferences and received outstanding achievement awards from government, university and the community sectors. As one client put it, “Marguerite knows how to keep the big vision alive while getting the job done”.

I also hold a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Training and Development, and am a project manager and certified change management practitioner which helps me frame my work as a change agent.

And just so I don't get bored I work with my colleague on the Art of Women's Business Projects running workshops for women in small business. If you want a sounding board or something a little more structured, you may be interested in my help as a Coach or Mentor. Contact me here.

When I'm not working with government staff on how to distribute resources wisely or running workshops for women in the small business and corporate world, you will find me scouring the markets in south west France with my sister and talking design (with the occasional glass of wine) @workingfolk